Whether you are a blogger writing for fun, or a business looking for a smart SEO friendly website, you want your website to reflect you and what you are about.

A photographer with a website to promote their business is going to want a website with lots of space for photos, but which loads quickly and is well laid out. A writer however is going to want something more text heavy though.

With WordPress there are loads of free themes available which you can have a play around with and see what works for your business. Once you have a website design which you are happy with, you might want to extend those design elements to other things you need for your business. These might include letterheads, business cards, posters, flyers, leaflets, mailshots (electronically or through the post) or other stationery.

A key way to get a branding style for your business is by using a font or range of fonts which are consistent across everything that your business is producing. There are a massive range of free fonts available online which you can access to find fonts which reflect your business and your own personal style.

Not convinced that fonts are important?

Fonts are often a really overlooked part of a design or branding process. Some of the biggest companies in the world have totally nailed it though. Here’s some great examples:

Coca Cola

One of the most famous and recognisable fonts on the planet. You don’t even need to see the whole name of the product, just a letter or two and you know exactly what brand is being talked about.



Another of one of the most recognised brands on planet earth is McDonalds. From the “Golden Arches” to the bold capitalised font in their full name, they are just more proof that fonts really can make your brand stand out.


Starbucks is one of the most widely drunk coffee brands in the whole world. Whilst their logo is also instantly recognisable, their bold capitalised font, in their brand colour of green is also instantly recognisable.


Walt Disney’s handwriting has left the world with one of the most instantly identifyable fonts, let alone those based on handwriting. The distinct style and formation of the letters are unique amongy major global brands.

Which fonts not to use!

With the massive selection of free fonts available out there, there is really no excuse to use boring or overused fonts. The most overused (in my opinion) font out there is Times New Roman. For a long time it was the standard, default font in the Microsoft packages and it is ugly and boring. I also feel it is not particularly readable. If you are using Times New Roman then to me it screams lack of technical knowledge to even change a font and that to me is not great!

The other font to avoid like the plague is Comic Sans. A font which is far too round and swirly (and dare I say lighthearted) to be taken seriously in a business setting, when I have encountered it in a professional setting it makes me cringe! Even Moonpig have something to say on this one!

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