So, you want a website?

I’m delighted that you’ve made the decision that you want a website! On thispost we are going to get you set up with your host. As previously mentioned, I thoroughly recommend Siteground and if you do go with them, these resources will be more helpful to you as the dashboards and interfaces will be the same. I will also be more likely to help you with issues that come up down the line as I am more familiar with how their systems work. The choice is of course up to you though.

Firstly, pop on over to Siteground and select “Web Hosting”.

From there, click on the “Get Started” button in the “StartUp” box. You can upgrade your account later on if you decide you want more features or websites, but to get going, this will be more than enough.

The next page asks you to specify your domain. If you have already purchased this through another provider – don’t panic – we will tweak the settings later. If you need to buy a domain, this is the page to enter the domain that you have picked and checked is already available. Once you have done this. Click on the “Proceed” button. 

The top section of the next page asks you to complete your information e.g. name, address, billing and payment information. Scroll down and then find the section which confirms what you are purchasing. Please note that the domain registration fee is cheaper for a .com compared to a and you cannot have privacy on a domain, but the choice is totally up to you as to your preference.

Check the information is as expected, add on or remove any extra services as required, and if the total is correct, then tick the boxes and click “Pay Now”.

The next screen will confirm that the payment has gone through and that your customer account has been created. You can click on the link to go to that area. You might be prompted to enter in your username and password that you just set up, but then just click ok.

The hard bit is done, so go grab yourself a cup of tea and come back when you are ready to install WordPress!

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