So today I am buzzing as I helped my first official client. I helped M, a business owner in Australia, by using TeamViewer (a programme that allows you to see someone else’s screen remotely) to allow me to see her WordPress site and make the changes she wanted. I had previously answered some quick questions after connecting with her in a blogging group on Facebook, but she wanted help with something bigger.

After discussing it with her, we agreed that the best thing to do was to find a time that we would both be available (tricky with a 9 hour time difference) and using TeamViewer I showed her how to make the change.

After our session, I gave her a brief written summary of the steps we took to make the changes and advised her that the changes could be reverted if going forward she wanted to make new changes.

She is delighted with the changes and has lots of other things she wants my help with in the future. I am delighted I saw her original post and genuinely feel that I have made a new friend out of this.


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