I set up my first blog purely to learn about WordPress and I soon fell in love. Gone are the days where you need to be super techy or know lots of code to create a website, with WordPress you can create beautiful and creative websites easily. The possibilities are endless. Let’s start at the beginning though. What exactly is it?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free online programme that allows users to set up and create great websites in an intuitive manner. It’s easy to learn, and yet with the massive amount of free themes and plugins (we’ll come back to those later) you can create something totally individual and bespoke to your requirements.

It can handle loads of different types of media (text, pictures, videos etc) and will tell you when you need to do an update or maintenance, which can usually be done at the click of one button.

Who uses WordPress?

Loads of massive global companies use WordPress, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s gotta be good enough for our blogs right? Disney, Sony and Time Magazine use it and it’s currently accountable for over 29% of all websites (according to a survey). (This figure is correct as at 14 January 2018).

Sounds good?

It sounds good right? Of course it does. What tends to put a lot of people off is knowing some of these big companies use it. If it’s good enough for them, surely it’s super expensive or super difficult to use. Well the good news is that neither of those are true. It really is as good as it sounds!

On my blog I am going to show you the basics, and introduce you to some new technology so next time it comes up it won’t be as scary. I’m also going to show you step by step how to launch your first site as well as dealing with the most common issues that come up! I’m so excited to help you on this journey. Let’s stop procrastinating and get stuck in!

If you need a bit more support – just get in touch and let’s book in some 1-2-1 time!

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